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Winter travel in Iceland should be on everyone’s bucket list! You are in luck because winter will soon be upon us. There are, however, a few things you will have to have in mind when travelling in Iceland during this cold and dark season.

It will get cold

The country is called Iceland, after all. Despite being very green during the summer months, in winter the name Iceland is correct. The average temperature during the winter months is between -5°C to 3°C depending on where you are in the country.

What does that mean? Well, you will have to pack those winter clothes of yours. If you come from one of those perpetually warm places, many stores in Iceland sell proper winter clothing. If you do not want to shell out for expensive winter clothes you will hardly wear again, we recommend you layer. And do not forget the hat, gloves, scarf and warm socks.

We recommend layering because it is always better to be a little bit too warm and be able to take off items of clothing than be cold and not have anything to put on. Winter travel in Iceland will be a breeze in the right clothes!

Winter Travel on Winter Roads

You will, of course, get the car winter-ready, but you will have to drive carefully. Black ice is common, a snowstorm can suddenly hit, and the darkness can be blinding. If the Road Authority and ICE-SAR have closed a road, do not go past the closure. There is a reason why they have closed it down.

We recommend you check road.is and vedur.is regularly. The website for the Road Authority, which gives you up to date information about which roads are accessible and how the road conditions are. You might have heard that the weather changes quite regularly in Iceland, and it is true, especially in winter. We recommend you check the Iceland Met Office’s website frequently.

Winter travel is one of our most favourite things to do, but it is important to check the weather forecast!


It is not all gloom and doom, of course. Iceland during winter is magnificent with twilights that last for hours on end, the beautiful Northern Lights, frozen waterfalls and white landscapes.

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