Iceland Campsites and Facilities

Iceland Camping

Iceland’s stunning landscapes and surreal beauty attract adventures from every corner of the globe. And what better way to soak it all in than by camping under the vast Icelandic sky? Before you start packing your gear and hitting the road, it’s essential to understand the local rules and regulations.

Camping Rules in Iceland

Wild camping with tents is permitted in many areas, but campervans must stay overnight at designated campsites throughout the country.

Iceland Campground costs

Expect to pay between 1.500-2.500 kr per adult, per night. This typically includes access to basic facilities like:

  • Toilets: Free access (included in the camping price)
  • Showers: Often extra charge
  • Kitchen Areas: Free access for shared use
  • Laundry Area: Often extra charge
  • Electricity: Extra charge, but our campers come equipped!
  • Communal Area: Free access

Reservations for campgrounds in Iceland

Most campsites operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so pre-booking isn’t always necessary. However, popular spots during peak season (Jun-Sep) might fill up quickly, if so there is sure to be another campsite close by.

While you can arrive at most campsites at any time, be mindful of other campers and keep noise disturbance to a minimum if you are arriving after 22:00 in the evening.

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Campers are required to stay at campsites overnight

Violations may be subject to fines issues by the Icelandic authorities

Camping card

If you plan to travel around Iceland in a campervan for more than one week you might want to consider purchasing the Camping Card. It grants you access to around 40 campsites across the country from the time the campsites open until 15.September (campsites may close earlier) and is valid for 2 adults and up to 4 children (under 16 years) traveling in ONE campervan.

The card can be purchased on or at Olís gas stations, information centers and campsites around the country.

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  • The card is valid for one campervan
  • The card is grant you access to campsites for 28 nights
  • The card may save you money if you plan to stay at campsites for more than 7 nights


  • The card is only valid during summer
  • The card is only valid at several of campsites
  • The card does not include overnight tax

Summer Camping

Dreaming of endless daylight and stunning views? Summer camping in Iceland offers just that and more!

Embrace the magic of
  • Midnight Sun: Bask in 24/7 sunlight, perfect for late-night hikes and spontaneous adventures.
  • Mild Weather: Experience Iceland’s warmest temperatures, perfect for cozy camping and outdoor fun.
  • Vibrant Landscapes: Watch wildflowers burst into bloom and see waterfalls roar with glacial melt.
  • Icelandic Highlands: For a unique experience offering rugged and scenic landscapes.

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Winter Camping

Winter camping in Iceland is a unique adventure with snowy landscapes and icy vistas to explore. But keep in mind that amenities may be limited compared to the summer months. Before you go make sure to confirm availability and offered services. This way you can be well prepared for a memorable winter camping adventure in Iceland.

Get ready to enjoy
  • Northern lights: Catch the breathtaking Aurora Borealis lighting up the night sky.
  • Winter Wonderlands: Explore snow-covered landscapes, frozen waterfalls, and majestic glaciers.
  • Peaceful Vibes: Enjoy the quiet charm of the offseason, with fewer crowds and a special connection to nature.

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Iceland Campsite Map

Check out this campground map of Iceland. Our filters are designed to assist you in locating the ideal campsite, whether you’re searching for options suitable for summer or winter, or specifically seeking out highland campsites. Plan your ultimate Icelandic camping adventure with ease.

Pre-book your campsite stay with Parka

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Nature calls, even on an epic Icelandic adventure. Luckily, finding a restroom isn’t an expedition in itself. Especially on the south coast. You can find toilets at gas stations, tourist spots, museums, restaurants, and campsites. Be prepared for a small fee in some places.

Remember, Icelanders treasure their pristine land. So avoid littering and “going rouge” in nature.

If you’re heading into the rugged highlands, there may not be many facilities. In this case, find a spot away from water (at least 50 meters) and bury your business. Leave no trace!

Bathing Facilities

Icelanders love enjoying nature, and that includes public bathing. You can find them in every town, from big cities like Reykjavik to little coastal villages.

Local Swimming Pools

These local swimming pools aren’t your typical chlorinated ones. Imagine relaxing hot tubs, calming saunas, and refreshing pools, offering a unique and enjoyable experience.

The fees are typically around 1,000-1,500 ISK per person, which is slightly more than a quick campsite shower. But these pools provide a chance to unwind and pamper yourself after a day of exploring. They offer a variety of amenities beyond just showering, making them a great way to experience Icelandic culture.

So, grab your swimsuit and prepare to bathe like a true Icelander.

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Lagoons and Geothermal Baths

Looking for something a bit fancier? Lagoons and geothermal baths dot the country, offering luxurious spa experiences.

Blue Lagoon
Sky Lagoon
Secret Lagoon
Forest Lagoon
Laugarvatn Fontana
Geosea Baths
Vök Baths
Krauma Baths
Mývatn Nature Baths
Hvammsvík Hot Springs
Húsafell Canyon Baths

Blue Lagoon

Relax in milky-blue geothermal waters enriched with silica, algae, and minerals. It’s a unique spa experience amidst volcanic landscapes.

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Sky Lagoon

Bathe in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean, enjoying breathtaking views and geothermal warmth against the dramatic Icelandic sky.

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Secret Lagoon

Immerse yourself in the historic charm of Iceland’s oldest geothermal pool, The Secret Lagoon, surrounded by geysers and natural beauty..

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Forest Lagoon

Unwind in a secluded setting amidst a serene forest, soaking in geothermal pools and breathing in the fresh Icelandic air.

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Laugarvatn Fontana

Experience geothermal wonders with diverse pools, steam baths, and a lake, all nestled in the Laugarvatn area.

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Geosea Baths

Enjoy panoramic ocean views while soaking in geothermal pools and steam rooms, offering a rejuvenating experience.

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Vök Baths

Bathe in floating infinity pools with amenities such as a tea bar, an in-water pool bar and more, offering a unique Icelandic escape.

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Krauma Baths

Immerse yourself in a variety of natural hot springs with warm baths and a cold pool. Enjoy the geothermal wonders and breathtaking scenery.

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Mývatn Nature Baths

Relax in geothermal waters rich in minerals while taking in the otherworldly landscapes of the Mývatn region.

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Hvammsvík Hot Springs

Experience the unique blend of natural pools and the ocean with pools formed using rocks from the surrounding landscape. The ultimate harmony with nature and wildlife.

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Húsafell Canyon Baths

Bathe in natural hot springs amidst a dramatic canyon landscape, offering a unique and secluded escape in Húsafell.

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Natural Pools and Hot Springs

Craving an off-the-beaten-path soak? Head for Iceland’s hidden gems – natural pools and hot springs! They are usually nestled in rugged landscapes, often with no changing facilities (think sheds or even the great outdoors!).

While most are free or donation-based, remember, it’s not about bathing, it’s about the unique experience. Embrace the rustic charm, respect the environment, and prepare for an unforgettable dip.

Want to explore more? Dive into our blog for the ultimate guide to Iceland’s natural hot springs and geothermal pools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wild camp anywhere in Iceland?

Wild camping with campervans and motorhomes is not allowed in Iceland. But if you’re tent camping, you’re in luck! You can set up your tent for one night in uninhabited areas, as long as you respect private property and leave no trace.

Where can I camp in the highlands?

The Icelandic highlands offer stunning views, but camping choices are few so it’s important to plan ahead. You’ll find designated campsites in certain spots, and wild camping is only permitted in certain areas.

Keep in mind that these spots usually don’t have facilities, so you’ll need to handle waste responsibly. Always check road and weather conditions before venturing into the highlands.

Do I need to book campsites in advance?

Many campsites work on a first-come, first-served basis, especially off-peak (June to September). But in high-demand areas, like the highlands, they can fill up fast. It’s smart to book ahead, especially during peak season.

What facilities are available at campsites?

Campsite facilities vary. Some have just toilets, while others include showers, kitchens, laundry, and electricity (although our campervan rentals have electricity). Highland sites are generally more basic. Check campsite descriptions for specifics.

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