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Is Iceland kid-friendly? Yes!

From incredible natural beauty and unique, fun activities to a welcoming and safe culture, there are plenty of reasons to travel to Iceland with your kids. It’s a destination the whole family can enjoy.

Planning an Iceland itinerary with kids isn’t particularly difficult, either. In fact, the hardest part may be fitting in all the experiences you and your kids want to have while visiting the land of fire and ice.

You can see the sights, bathe in the hot springs, watch the wildlife, and enjoy a diverse range of activities in Reykjavík. Iceland is full of family-friendly fun for kids and adults alike.

Still, a good vacation starts with a good plan. So, let’s run down how to plan your family’s adventure. We’ll start with something especially important: where to rest and recharge each day of your vacation.

Lodging Options in Iceland: Hotels and Much More

More than anything else, a vacation requires a place to stay during your visit. You and your family deserve a safe and comfortable space to relax, spend time together, and prepare for the next day’s adventure.

There are obvious options, of course. Reykjavík has plenty of highly rated, family-friendly hotels. Apartment and home rentals are also a popular choice.

Here’s a unique and memorable option to consider as you plan your trip: Renting a campervan. Combining a comfortable, cozy living space with your transportation makes it that much easier to enjoy everything Iceland has to offer.

Campers keep things interesting for kids and adults. Why? Because they make it easy to see the countryside — and all of the natural beauty of Iceland.

Every kid is different, but most will get tired of being cooped up in a hotel room or rental between activities. Campers offer a fun, flexible experience and an ever-changing view of the Icelandic landscape. It’s a more engaging way to enjoy your visit.

There are also costs to consider, both for lodging and transportation. The right camper combines both in one convenient and affordable package. That means more savings, whether you spend it on the fun parts of your trip or keep in in the bank for a rainy day.

Learn more about the benefits of renting a camper in Iceland.

Things to Do in Iceland With Kids

You won’t have to worry about filling up your itinerary with kid-friendly activities and points of interest once you’ve arrived in Iceland. Here are some of our top things to do with kids in Iceland:


Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland, as well as its largest city. The city and area around it is full of things kids love, including:

  • Beaches and swimming pools (including standard pools, indoor pools, wave pools, diving boards, and many more aquatic activities).
  • The Reykjavík Zoo and Family Park.
  • Museums that focus on everything from whales and historical reenactments to seafaring and our country’s earliest history.
  • Kid-friendly restaurants.

Check out more suggestions for visiting Reykjavík from our blog!

Chasing the Northern Lights

For truly astounding natural beauty, it’s hard to beat the Northern Lights. We offer a detailed guide that gives you the best chance to see them during your trip.

We offer premium campers with panoramic sky roofs, too. That means enjoying the Northern Lights while staying cozy and comfortable.

Taking to the Sea

Iceland is an island nation, with a long history of seafaring for commerce, enjoyment, and more. Lonely Planet shares recommendations for several oceanic activities, including whale watching, fishing, canoeing and more.

A parent and child walk down a path in Iceland.

Traveling the Ring Road (or Part of It)

Want to experience as much of Iceland as possible? The Ring Road connects most of the country. It offers an incredible combination of natural beauty and opportunities to stop off in charming towns and villages.

Visit Iceland offers a detailed guide to planning your travels on the Ring Road.

Camping in Iceland With Kids

Camping connects you with nature, and nature is abundant (and beautiful) in Iceland. Our country is full of campgrounds. And our cozy campers make it that much easier to enjoy the countryside in comfort.

Enjoying Everything Iceland Has to Offer

As you start planning how you’ll enjoy Iceland with your kids, keep Cozy Campers in mind. Whether you want to have a carefully planned itinerary or enjoy the freedom to explore Iceland on a road trip, our campers will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Travel with the Coziest Camper Rental in Iceland!

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