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Going swimming is an essential part of visiting Iceland. The Secret Lagoon, located in the South of Iceland, is one of the not-so-secret places to experience the Icelandic tradition of bathing in geothermal water. The Secret Lagoon is authentic and, unlike some other lagoons, won´t blow your budget!

The Secret Lagoon

In Icelandic, the Secret Lagoon is called “Gamla Laugin” which directly translates as the “old swimming pool”. And it’s no wonder! The Secret Lagoon is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. It was originally built in 1891 and the location was used for bathing centuries before. The pool was used to teach children how to swim until 1947 when a new pool was built in Flúðir and the secret lagoon became almost a secret for decades until in 2016 when it was rebuilt and opened for the public.

Picture by Iceland Monitor.

Icelanders refer to the pool as the “old” pool simply because there is a newer one close by.

The Secret lagoon pool

Around the pool are a number of small geysers and bubbling mud puddles. The rising steam certainly makes this a magical surrounding to relax in. The changing rooms are as modern as the rest of the pool is original and raw. On location is a bar and coffee shop and you can even bring your drink with you to the lagoon for some extra panache.

The surrounding area

Flúðir is the nearest town and. There are some lovely camping sites in the area, in Reykholt, Flúðir and Grímsnes to name a few. Thankfully your fully stocked camper van works great in any location. We recommend visiting Friðheimar tomato farm where you can dine inside a tomato greenhouse and Geysir and Gullfoss waterfall are actually close by.

Picture by Friðheimar Farm.

How to get to the secret lagoon

There are two ways to get to the Secret Lagoon, through Hveragerði or through Þingvellir National Park.

Option 1. Drive towards Hveragerði and Selfoss. Before you hit Selfoss make a left turn up to road 35. Drive through Reykholt and make a right turn to road 359. Drive until you see Flúðir and the signs leading up to the Secret Lagoon.

Option 2. Drive your cozy camper from Reykjavik and head to Þingvellir National Park. Drive past the service center heading towards Laugarvatn. From Laugarvatn take road 37 towards Reykholt. Make a right turn on road 355 to reach Reykholt. Drive through Reykholt and make a right turn to road 359. Drive until you see Flúðir and the signs leading up to the Secret Lagoon.

camper interior in winter

As this is Iceland there will be plenty of nice things to look at on the way. Take your time! It’s not like you have to drive back to a hotel room. Your time is yours to spend.

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