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It is no secret that Iceland is an expensive country. It is easy to spend a fortune in a very short amount of time. However, there are steps you can take to spend less.

Travel is usually always a bit expensive; the flights can cost a lot, living costs in the country, maybe the currency exchange rate is not good and so on.

But, what can you do in Iceland to spend less?

First, rent a camper

Hotels and guesthouses are very expensive in Iceland, and they are not cheaper outside of the capital area.

Campers are an affordable way of travelling in Iceland. Not only do you have your bed with you wherever you go, but unlike tents, the campers have heaters, running water, a charging station and a kitchenette. Check out our range of campers.

Second, shop in supermarkets

Food in Iceland is expensive. Even in the supermarkets, but it is even more expensive in restaurants and petrol stations. We recommend you buy your food in Bónus, Krónan or Nettó. Also, if you drink alcohol, buy it in the duty-free at the airport. It is exponentially cheaper there than in the Vínbúð, the state liqueur store. And, of course, don’t drink and drive.

Third, nature is free

Apart from the occasional site, everything you see in nature is free of charge. You might have to pay for parking though. We do ask you not to leave anything behind though. Responsible travel is paramount to our fragile nature!

Fourth, spend some money

It is no fun travelling abroad without being able to spend anything on anything. If you shop in supermarkets, rent a camper, enjoy our free nature, you will be free to splurge now and again. Go to a fancy restaurant or buy that Icelandic lopapeysa. Or you can try and visit all the swimming pools in Iceland!


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