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Renting a Cozy Camper is not just like choosing what socks you are going to wear today. You need to decide what it is you really want to get out of your trip and then look at our selection of great camper vans. That way you will get everything you want out of your trip!

Do you want to keep to the main roads?

If you just want to look at the many sites dotted around the island and accessible by main roads, you can choose from a few different campers.

The Cozy 1 is our smallest and cheapest camper, it’s great if there are only the two of you. The Cozy 2 is also great for two people and has bigger space than Cozy 1.  All our campers are available in automatic.

Iceland roadDo you Want to try the F-roads?

If you want to go into the wilderness, you will need to rent the Highlander campers. They sleep 2-3 people and are, of course, equipped with all the essentials you need while travelling in Iceland.

It is equipped with a panoramic sunroof which will allow you to enjoy the northern lights during the wintertime. But don’t worry about the midnight sun, we provide you with blackout curtains as well.

Just remember, if you are driving out in the wilderness to remember to find a camping ground before parking for the night.

Anything else?

Oh, yes! Check out our discounts! We have many different discounts, depending on when you arrive and for how long you rent our camper!

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