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Icelanders often joke that if you do not like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it will be different. If that is true, how can the weather forecast be accurate?

Iceland moss and lava

A few decades ago, the forecast was rarely accurate. The meteorologists made forecasts for the next day, but everything longer than that was guesswork and was usually wrong.

Today, with the Internet and all the technology we have at hand it is more accurate than before.

Iceland stormy bay

How accurate is the weather forecast?

Well, it is reasonably accurate. The website of the Icelandic Met Office is updated a few times a day, and you can see the changes in the forecast there. But generally, for the current day and the next two days, it is usually accurate. However, any further and there can be significant changes.

We recommend you check the forecast regularly because the forecast 10 days into the future will not be correct. At least not after 10 days!

Iceland winter storm

If it changes so often, does it matter to check the forecast?

Oh yes, you will have to keep an eye on the weather forecast. At least during the winter months. Safe Travel and The Icelandic Met Office have information about coming storms and how bad they are forecasted. We cannot stress it enough that if people are encouraged to stay indoors to do just that. Warnings are not issued lightly in Iceland even if they seem to come often. 

Iceland clouds

There are few things certain, it will be cold during wintertime, the summers have 24-hour daylight, and the precipitation is plentiful, be it rain or snow. But when you have rented a Cozy Camper, the weather is not as big of a deal. If the weather is not to your liking, you can find a good spot and have a cozy time before exploring the country further. If you have rented the Highlander II, you can even keep warm and toasty inside while watching the Northern Lights.

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