Workshops in Iceland are expensive!

Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and when it comes to taking a car to a workshop, it’s really expensive.  

Nobody likes to deal with damages and claims, not the customer or the staff. So to avoid any misunderstanding, we have made the damage and insurance part very clear and simple!

In case of a collision you want to be covered.

We strongly recommend that you take time to read through this and make your decision, so you can have worry-free travel. 

In the overview below you should find answers to all your questions regarding this matter.


 NO false damage charges

We don’t charge if we can’t prove it.

We take multiple photos of the camper before rental; we also ask the customer to do the same before he leaves, then we make a vehicle condition report that we give to the renter.

If we find damage on the camper that cannot be seen in the photos taken before rental, nor has it been marked in the vehicle condition report, and we have proven that this damage was not on the camper before rental, the renter must compensate for the damage no matter how small the damage is.

However, if the renter has purchased extra insurance, he will never pay more than his own risk 0 – 2.000 EUR.

 Repair Cost (Examples)

Here are real prices from CABAS evaluation workshops in Iceland.

NOTE! Prices always go higher with every year, so this is the minimum cost:

(Paint job) Front door on a VW caddy 125,000 ISK
(Door blow up) Fixing the door with paint job around 250,000 ISK
(Front bumper) VW transporter with work around 180,000 ISK
(Front window) with work around 90,000 ISK

 What is a CABAS evaluation?

CABAS is founded in Sweden. It was built to streamline repair processes. It’s used by workshops all over the world, but mostly in Scandinavian countries. It has a database of all types of cars and parts, and how long it takes to change or fix each part.

CABAS was made mainly for insurance companies so that they could get actual repair costs no matter what workshop would fix the car. So now it doesn’t matter what workshops are used, the price is always about the same. For more information on CABAS, visit

 Can I choose other workshops?

Yes, sure! If you are not satisfied with the CABAS evaluation on your camper, you can contact any of the licensed workshops on this list:

Just send them pictures of the damaged camper and ask them to make another CABAS evaluation.

NOTE! The workshops charge around 15.000 ISK for one evaluation. And for this extra evaluation, you will have to pay for it yourself.

However, if that evaluation turns out to be cheaper than the first one, we will go by that offer.

 Why are workshops so expensive in Iceland?

It comes down to the cost of running a workshop. Salaries for licensed painters and car mechanics are high, chemicals and parts and other imported items are expensive because of tolls and taxes.

We personally don’t know of any workshop owner in Iceland who is rich, so we can’t blame anyone for their pricing.

 What is a processing fee and when is it charged?

The processing fee is a fixed cost that applies to ALL incidents that fall under the CDW / SCDW or DAMAGES NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE. The fee is 200 EUR and it covers the following:

  • CABAS damage evaluation
  • Transportation to and from the workshop
  • Paperwork and other routine tasks
  • Loss of rental due to damage repairs

There is often a considerable cost that people don’t see that goes into all kinds of things when a car gets damaged and needs to go to a workshop.

The following is usually what happens when a camper gets damaged.

Two of our staff members must drive with the damaged car to the workshop using another car to pick up the other staff member after he has dropped the car off (this includes gasoline).

The workshop makes the CABAS evaluation and sends us the offer, and for that, they charge 15.000 ISL kr.

After the car has been fixed, two of our staff members have to go again and pick up the car.

Then there is the paperwork/emails and phone calls to customers, insurance companies, and workshops. All these processes take time.

Another lost cost is when a camper is in a workshop. The camper can’t be rented out. That’s not all. There is still mortgage and insurance that we have to pay while the vehicle remains in the workshop.

 What does insurance NOT cover?

  1. Putting gasoline on a diesel engine
  2. Getting the camper stuck
  3. Keys locked inside the camper
  4. Draining the start battery
  1. Driving in water/rivers resulting in water damage
  2. Driving on closed roads (marked red)
  3. Driving out of roads (off roads)

 Inspection process before pick-up

Our employee does a thorough inspection of the camper before each rental. He must fill in two checklists and sign them both before the camper is handed out to the customer.

Checklist #1

The first checklist has 43 things that are needed to make sure it is working in the car or included in the rental. If something is not working or missing in the camper, the employee has to fix it or get it fixed before he can clear that list.

Checklist #2

Damage inspection: The employee takes more than 30 pictures all around the camper, and after which he looks for scratches and damages. If he finds something, he has to mark them in the vehicle condition report.

Last step

When the customer picks up his camper he will get a copy of the vehicle condition report. He can also do his own damage inspection before he leaves. The renter can take pictures of the camper and compare the marked damage in the vehicle condition report to the one he finds.

If the customer finds some damage that is not marked in the report, he can take photos of the damage, make sure the photos have a date, and keep them as proof that there was damage on the car.

 4 Most Common Types of Damage and How to Avoid Them

1. Gravel Collision

Gravel damage is the most common collision, and the reason is probably because there is not much that can be done to prevent it from happening.

It is, however, more likely to happen on the road’s section where paved and gravel meet. So when a car drives on the paved road and runs over a small rock that comes from the gravel section, the car can easily spit the small rock at high speed into the air and hit the car behind it or another passing vehicle. It’s usually the front windshield or the hood that gets hammered by the gravel.

[ image here ]

What falls under gravel damage?

Hudd/ Bonnet: Dent or chip

  • Front bumper: Chip
  • Front Guard: Chip and if there is a dent it has to be on the front part.

Front window: Chip or crack

Front headlight: Chip or crack

NOTE! We don’t take it as a gravel damage if there happens to be a dent on the side of the car. That would fall under door dings (small damage).

2. Scratches Collision

Scratches on the paint are also really common, but they are usually easy to prevent.

A) Driving close to trees

Usually, the small scratches happen when the vehicle is driving too close to trees, and the branches scrape the vehicle’s paint.

How to prevent: Be careful, and keep your distance when driving near trees.

[ image here ]

B) Writing on the car

People sometimes use their fingers to write or draw something simple like a heart in the dust or mud that is covering the vehicle.

Even after the car has been washed, the scratch writing or drawing will be stuck into the car paint. In most cases it’s not possible to remove it and that element on the car has to be repainted.

How to prevent: Never write anything on a dirty vehicle with your finger!

[ image here ]

C) Cleaning the car with a brush

If the car really looks dirty on the outside, don’t use a brush with water to clean it. You will rub the mud that has small stones and sand in it and end up scratching the paint.

How to prevent: Just use a water hose and spray over the car to wash off dirt and mud.

3. Small Dents

Small dents usually happen in parking lots or in areas where there are many cars, like those outside supermarkets. Sometimes it’s because people are parking too close, and when they are going in or out of the car, they open the door too wide.

This collision is a bummer because the damage goes unnoticed until later and by then you wouldn’t know how it happened.

This is the kind of collision where people just drive away and don’t leave a note on the window. The renter is left with this damage and has to pay for something he did not do.

How to prevent: Don’t park too close to other cars.

[ image here ]

4. Door Blowing Open

The wind in Iceland can be really strong, its level of power can be similar to a hurricane wind. This means that if there is some wind outside when you open the door, it can be ripped out of your hand and cause major damage.

How to prevent: Park the car facing the wind — the wind is pressing on the doors when you try opening, so it’s hard to open — instead of coming from the back and plowing it up.

This can be a little tricky because it’s hard to see the wind, but it’s possible to see the trees or the grass moving. You can also roll down the window and put your hand out and feel where the wind is blowing.

 No magic fix

There is no magic marker or wonder spray that can fix dents or scratches.

We have had customers telling us that it’s easy to fix this damage, they have seen this done, and it’s really no problem.

They are referring to video advertisements on social media like the magic marker that fixes the scratch in one stroke or the liquid glue that fills the crack in the window or the dent remover.

The truth is none of those things work. There is no easy fix; the only way to fix dents, small or big, is to fill the dent and paint the element. This also applies to deep scratches.

 The process if there is damage

When a camper is returned with a damage, the process will primarily depend on what kind of damage it is and if the renter has bought an extra insurance that covers most or all of the damage.

In the following scenarios, we will show the damage process for renters with and without insurance.

A. Renter has extra insurance.

There is a crack or damage in the front window, or there is a dent on the hood because of stones. The renter has PP (premium insurance) or GP (gravel insurance), so he doesn’t have to pay or do anything.

  • Small or big dent
  • Car crash
  • Door has blown up
  • Scratch through the paint

It doesn’t matter which of these things occurred; the renter will never pay more than self-risk of 300 EUR in PP (premium insurance) and 600 EUR in SCDV (super collision damage waiver).

If the damage will fall under minor damage, then the renter will just pay the cost based on the minor damage price list but never more than self-risk.

What if the renter doesn’t recognize the damage?

We will look at the checklist and the picture from the start of the rental. If there is no damage marked in the document and it’s not in the picture, then it happened during the rental.

The renter will sign a paper that he agrees that this damage happened in his rental. He will be charged for the amount of the self-risk.

Note that the PP premium insurance includes all transport if the camper needs to be picked up after crashing into another car.

Also, the processing fee is included.

B. Renter doesn’t have extra insurance.

If the damage falls under minor damage, then the renter will be charged for the price on the minor damage price list. Please see the price list below.

  • Small or big dent
  • Car crash
  • Door has blown up
  • Scratch through the paint

It doesn’t matter which of these things happened. The renter will have to pay the full self-risk of 2000 EUR.

If the renter doesn’t recognize the damage: We will take a look at the checklist and the picture from the start of the rental. And if there is no damage marked in the document and it’s not in the picture, then it happened during the rental.

The renter will sign a paper that he agrees that this damage happened in his rental.

Then he will be charged 2000 EUR.

Plus the renter will be charged for the processing fee of 200 EUR.

In total, the renter will be charged 2.750 EUR.

NOTE! If the camper needs to be picked up after crash / damage, the renter has to pay the transport to the workshop in Reykjavik.

 Minor damage

What is minor damage?

It is damage that we are able to fix or parts we can change in our office workshop and don’t require us to drive with the car to a workshop and do a CABAS damage valuation.

NOTE! We don’t charge a processing fee for (minor damage).

Below is a price list of the items put under our minor damage list.

Minor Damage List

Here are things that fall under minor damage and their corresponding prices:

  1. Scratch that is NOT deep (not through the paint): 3000 kr one element
  2. Crack or damage to the window: 91,500 kr
  3. Tire: 34,000
  4. Rims
  5. Damaged or lost wheel discs
  6. Broken side mirrors
  7. Back and front lights
  1. Change front & back bumper
  2. Damage front or back bumper
  3. Engine under cover
  4. Drulluskokkur
  5. Burned seat cover
  6. Burned sofa cover: 58.000

If the customer/renter is not happy with the prices on the minor damage list, he can ask that the car be taken to a workshop for evaluation. In this case, the renter will be charged for his full self-risk until the car workshop has given the CABAS evaluation. Note that a processing fee will also be charged in this case.

We can fix and change these parts at the office workshop, but note that if someone wants a damage evaluation for this minor damage, we will charge the processing fee.

 Repair Cost and Other Lists

Scratches That Are NOT Deep

(That are not through the paint)

If a scratch is not too deep, it’s possible to remove all or most of it. This requires some work using massi and polish machines. We charge 20 Euro for each element that needs to be worked on.

One element is, for example, one (door). This means if there is a scratch going from one door to the next, that would be two elements that need to be worked on.

Deep Scratches

(That are through the paint and into the primary or the metal)

The only way to remove deep scratches is to repaint the damaged element.

We don’t have a price list on how much this can cost; the car will have to be taken to a paint workshop.

There is no price list on how much it can cost to paint one element, it’s different for every car and many other things. We do not take full self-risk.

Front Window

Work for changing the front window is same for all cars: 28.500 kr
(included in the price is picking up the part/driving with the car to a workshop)

Here’s the price list for the new window and work:

The Highlander
VW transporter: 63.000 + 28.500 = 91.500 kr

Cozy 1
VW Caddy / Nissan: 56.000 + 28.500 = 84.500 kr

Cozy 2
Hyundai /Opel /Renault: 58.000 +28.500 = 86.500 kr

VW Crafter / 69.800 + 28.500 = 98.300 kr

Side Mirror

Work for changing mirror is same for all cars: 18.700 kr
(picking up the part is included in the price)

The Highlander / The Aurora Explorer
VW transporter:

  1. Cover. 3.760 kr
  2. Glass. 20.950 kr
  3. Foot. 39.800 kr

Total: 64.510 kr

Cozy 1
VW Caddy / Nissan:

  1. Cover. 3.900 kr
  2. Glass. 16.900 kr
  3. Foot. 24.000 kr

Total: 44.800 kr

Cozy 2
Hyundai /Opel /Renault :

  1. Cover. 8.600 kr
  2. Glass. 19.800 kr
  3. Foot. 42.300 kr
  4. Motor. 16.700 kr

All the Mirror. 87,400 kr

VW Crafter:

  1. Cover. 8.600 kr
  2. Glass. 23.800 kr
  3. Foot. 42.300 kr
  4. Light. 11.200 kr
  5. Motor. 16.700 kr

All the Mirror. 92,520 kr

Front Bumper

The Highlander / The Aurora Explorer
VW transporter:

  1. Cover 110.000 kr
  2. Inside cover 19.000 kr
  3. List /L 7.100 kr
  4. List / R 7.100 kr
  5. Lower grill/ L 12.800 kr
  6. Lower grill/ R 12.800 kr

Total: 168.800

Drulludokkur: 14,490

Wrong Fuel

Þetta getru verið dýrt dæmi ef við förum yfir þann kostnað og það ferli.

1 stig) þegar það hefur verið dælt á bensínstoð og ekki verið keyrt í burtu,

2 stig) Þegar það hefur verið sett á bíl og bíl ekið 1 til 4 kílmometra

3 stig) Þegar bill hefur verið ekin þangað til að hann hættir að virka. allaf er rukkað prosesing fyrir lið 2 og 3

Það þarf 1 stig.

The pump car in ISL króna: 22,900 +2,278 = 25,178 kr
Drive the car to a gas station to fill it (service fee 50 euro)
Fill the tank in the gas station: 13,148 kr

Total cost in Euros: 327.63
We have now charged this amount to your card.

Damage to the Paint Price List

Deep scratch that is (through the paint), Small dents, and stone chips.

Paint workshop list for fixing and painting one element.

Note the prices on the list are 20% lower than from the workshop. We have decided to give this discount on the minor damage paint list because we don’t need to rush with the car to the workshop for the repair and can still rent out the car until the end of the season.

Workshop paint price list:

Hood:109,019 – 25%
Front fender:96,560
Front door:125,627
Rear door:116,900
Rear fender:

Note: If you forgot an item and want us to mail it to you, we charge 30 euro for going with the pack to the delivery company, plus the sending/shipping cost.

Þegar ekki er skilað bíl fyrir lokun þarf að rukka sjálfsábyrð.

The List of Documents from Credit Card Companies (for Disputes)

We would like to kindly inform you that in order to continue the dispute, you have to provide us with the following documents:

  1. An estimate of the cost of the damage from an organization that can legally provide repairs; verkstæði / cabas mat
  2. The relevant civil authority’s accident report (if applicable); Tjóna sýrsla
  3. Documentation showing that the Cardholder has given consent that a Pre-Authorization transaction may be processed using the Cardholder’s Card to cover damages to a rental vehicle. Damage Cost Liability form
  4. Any other documentation demonstrating that Cardholder’s liability for the damage; same Damage Cost Liability form
  5. A copy of the insurance policy of the Vehicle Rental Company, if that Vehicle Rental Company requires that the Cardholder pay an insurance deductible for damages and a copy of the Vehicle rental agreement showing that the Cardholder consents to be responsible for the insurance deductible.

  6. Tryggingar skilmálana okkar. Leigu samninginn / þarf sem kemur fram að að korthafi sé ábyrgur fyrir sjálfsábyrgðin

Please upload the requested documents in your myPOS account from the menu Documents.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We remain at your disposal for any further help.

 Benefit of buying premium insurance

 Do you put the car to the workshop right away?

That depends on the severity of the damage, and whether we are busy or not.

If the damage is a dent or scratch, we will wait until the high season is over to avoid losing rentals because of incidents like this.

This page serves as a reference for people who wish to rent our campers. To recap, its main points are:

  • Repair cost of a particular damage
  • The steps in identifying and processing the damage
  • The difference in the damage process when one has extra insurance or none
  • The things that insurance does not cover

The information can help customers consider getting the most suitable insurance coverage should they have to pay for damages.

As we have mentioned, we need to prove that the damage found on the vehicle is new. If we can’t prove it, we will not charge for it.

We care about our campers, and we want them to look good and get them back in the same condition. We have included tips to prevent the most common damages to cars.

We also want to work fast to fix the car because we need it back to rent out to other customers.

For questions and clarifications, please contact us here.