Travel restrictions in Iceland

Before booking your ticket to Iceland make sure your country is on the list of approved nations to enter Iceland.

Airlines flying to Iceland

COVID-19 cancellation policy

Cancel whenever and get a 100% refund

We offer 100% flexibility with booking adjustments during COVID-19

Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic we have updated our cancellation policy and now offer a 100% refund with no time limit on the cancellation. Refunds are processed according to a refund plan. We offer unlimited booking modifications, so if you need to make changes to your booking / postpone or receive a credit for a future rental, please contact us at

All arriving passengers are required to undergo a double COVID-19 test and quarantine for 5 days:

  1. You must fill out this pre-registration form (72 hours before arrival)
  2. You must undergo a double COVID-19 test:
    • Test no. 1: Upon arrival at KEF international airport
    • Test no. 2: Four days after arrival, you will receive an email with information on when and where to attend the second test.
  3. You must quarantine for 5 days at any of these accommodations

Please download the Ranking C-19 app upon arrival in Iceland

For further information click here

Quarantine instructions for visitors in Iceland