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A camper van and a motor home are both terms that describe a vehicle that can be driven and slept in. Obviously these are fantastic options and the perfect way to see Iceland!

Traveling in a camper van or motor home means you have so much more freedom of moving around without having to drive back a long way to your hotel.

Camper vans

Camper vans are cozy, economic and comfortable. They spend less gas, take on less wind and fit nicely in campsites. Their only minus is the lack of a bathroom but there are of course bathrooms at every gas station, restaurant, museum and so forth. We highly recommend using the local geothermal swimming pools for your daily shower! There is at least one swimming pool in each town.

  • Gas stove
  • Sink with running water
  • Extra Battery
  • Refrigerator/Cooler
  • Linen, pillows, duvet
  • Cookware & kitchenware
  • High quality heating system
  • Sunroof/Northern Lights roof – depending on type.
camper interior
Nice and snug in our smallest camper

Motor homes

Motor homes are homier, bigger and often more luxurious. They have a compact kitchen and bathroom. They might be tricky to drive for inexperienced drivers, especially in windy conditions.

  • Gas stove
  • Sink with running water
  • Bathroom
  • Shower – depending on the type
  • Refrigerator/Cooler
  • Linen, pillows, duvet
  • Cookware & kitchenware
A motor home under the night sky


The same general rules apply to both types of cars. You can only drive on  main roads. Driving on F roads or driving off-road is forbidden. You always have to spend the night in campsites.

man outside barbecueing and drinkin beer
Out in nature at a campsite in Iceland.


The biggest difference between motor homes and camper vans are the sizes and bathroom facilities. 

Aurora explorer - 4x4 northern lights camper
Our 4×4 camper has a northern lights viewing roof. How cute!



This is definitely a matter of taste! These vehicles have the same basic function of being a car and accommodation in one. Traveling in this manner is definitely for the adventurous types. Yes you are given up some of the comforts of a hotel but gaining so much more in the freedom of moving around, seeing unexpected sights and being closer to nature.

gas stove inside a camper
So cozy!


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