Drop off between 17:30-8:30 is considered AFTER HOURS

We require a security deposit equivalent to your insurance Self-Risk (0-3.000 EUR) for AFTER HOURS drop-off

When choosing this option keep the following in mind:

  • We take a deposit equivalent to your insurance deductible at check-in:
    • Premium Insurance: 0 EUR
    • SCDW Insurance: 900 EUR
    • CDW Insurance: 3.000 EUR
  • We will NOT be able to assist you when you return the camper (assistance is available from 9:00-17:00).
  • You will NOT be present for the drop-off inspection & check-out, so in case of damage communication can only be through email/phone.
  • We do NOT offer transport AFTER HOURS so we recommend downloading the Taxi Hreyfill app or calling +354 588 55 22 for easy transport to your next location.