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There is nothing like experiencing ice firsthand in Iceland. Wonderful, colorful ice caves (blue, black and white), crystal caves, ice tunnels. And, of course, the man-made ice caves are known as “Into the Glacier”. They are the most common examples of ice cave experiences on the island’s many glaciers.

Let’s not forget the glacier lagoon

There is also the awe-inspiring Glacier Lagoon, not to be missed when traveling in Iceland. There, you might even see locals take a swim in the ice-cold lagoon (not recommended!). A few of the glaciers even stretch down to the Ring Road and are easily accessible for the self-driving traveler.

Always be careful when entering ice caves

Pretty and dangerous ice caves

However, we do not recommend anyone going on or into a glacier on their own. For the sake of your own safety and the preservation of the glacier environment, please take extra caution and go with professionals. The glaciers change shape, even in winter, making them tricky to navigate. Our advice is therefore to choose a professional tour operator specializing in ice caves. Luckily, there are many to choose from.

Natural ice cave tours

Ice cave views

Tour guides operate the natural ice cave tours are operated from November to March. That is when the glaciers are most stable due to the sustained cold temperatures. All ice cave guides know their glaciers well. Every fall they start hunting for new caves, as the old ones often break down during summer or become unsafe. It is so much more fun to explore the caves with someone who knows the glacier. Because they are all very different and offer various colors, shapes, and structure.

To sum up everything you need to know about ice caves: if you play it safe and choose a professionally guided glacier tour, you are in for a truly magnificent experience.

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