Insurance & Extras



CDW insurance (Included)

CDW (Collision damage waiver is included) It includes third-party insuance and accident insurance for the driverand owner. Your self-risk is €2500.

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Gravel protection (Recommended)

When driving in Iceland you are more than likely to drive across gravel sections. The Gravel protection covers damages to the windscreen,headlights,body and paint caused by gravel or stones thrown to the car by passing vehicles. This is the most common damage to our vehicles so we recommend this insurance to all our costomers. Price per day: € 10


SCDW insurance

We recommend SCDW insurance. your selfrisk fee will be reduced from € 2500 down to € 600. Price per day € 25


Sand and Ash Protection SAAP

No standard insurance covers damage from ash or sandstorm but we offer our SAAP insurance which covers damages to the paint, windows, lights and components of the car due from ash- and sandstorm damages. We do experience sand storms in iceland especially in the south and south east cost. Price per day: € 10


Premium Insurance Package ( All in one and get better price )

The Premium insurance covers all above. It includes SCDW, Sand- and ash protection and Gravel Protection and your self risk is lowered to € 600. Price per day: € 39





Baby Seat

The safety of your child is important and we offer three sizes: 0 - 9kg, 9 - 18kg and 18 - 36kg. European safety requirements and standards are fulfilled. Price per day: €5


Extra driver (Recommended)

Standard rental agreement is set for one driver only. Extra driver will get the same contractual rights and obligations as well as insurance coverage per contract. Please be advised, drivers are not registered in advance and are therefore not insured. Price per rent: €30


GPS navigation system (Recommended)

Don‘t get lost, be organized and use your time well in Iceland so you can experience even more and let the GPS guide you. Price per day: €10


BBQ Grill

BBQ Gas grill and it includes 2 kg gas bottle. Price per rent: € 30


Wifi 4G

Take your own 4G WiFi network anywhere you go and stay connected. Price per day: € 10


Cozy Start Pack

One table and two chairs. It‘s awfully nice to have a chair and a table to use outside on a sunny day in Iceland. Price per rent: € 40


Cozy chair

1 chair, you can add chairs as many as you need. Price per rent: € 15



Extra chair

1 chair, you can add chairs as many as you need. Price per rent: €10


1X Inverter (Recommended)

There‘s no need to run out of power. The inverter can be used to charge your phone, camera and computer among others. It changes 12 v to 230 v. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter and you‘re up and running. Price per rent: €20


Innstant BBQ grill

Price per grill: € 8



Fm transmitter and phone holder

When driving in Iceland you will lose radio signal many times and if you like to have music while driving than you might want to have your own radio station? Just plug it in to your phone and listen to your favourite songs from your playlist. Price per rent: € 20



Extra gas for the gas stove

There is one gas bottle included in every rental but if you use the gas stove alot and are going be many days you will need more, just be sure to have enough because most of the gas stations around Iceland don‘t sell this kind. For these ones you will not use ,we will refund you when you return the camper Price per bottle : € 9


Roof box.

We highly recommened the roof box for the 4x4 camper as they are slightly smaller then the Cozy Time. If you have suitacases or alot of luggage you might want to add this to your rental. Price per rent:  € 20






We are here to help  cozy phone +354 519 5131 cozymail info@cozycampers.is  cozyphone247 Emergency phone +354 771 5131 

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